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What Does Trusting Through GFD Provide?

Trusting is one of the most established ways to prepay your final wishes, and it's the product that GFD first offered when the organization was established in 1961 as The Funeral Society of Ontario (Fraternal). GFD is able to help you protect your client families by administering and investing prepaid funds in guaranteed growth vehicles such as GICs, until the time that they are required. Because of GFD's nature as a fraternal not-for-profit organization, we are able to offer rates of return that are typically higher than many large financial institutions. And because we are a Members-based organization created by and for the Canadian bereavement sector, we are able to provide you with the tools and resources to manage your portfolio with us.

Easy to Administer

• Flexible deposit commission rates
• No penalties for early death or cancellation
• Interest rates are reviewed quarterly to ensure the best rate of return for you and your client families
• Reliable monthly and annual reporting, with live-answer support
• Easy-to-use online forms and applications
• Receive and submit funds via Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT) for fast, efficient processing

Additional Benefits for the Consumer

• No age limit
• No health questions
• Flexible payment plans
• Fully transferable