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GFD - FOYSTON Care & Maintenance Income Fund

GFD is excited to introduce new Care and Maintenance options for our cemetery Members.

GFD is a fraternal organization that brings over 55 years of experience serving the bereavement sector. We oversee the policies, investments and marketing programs for the sole benefit of our Members. GFD offers the convenience of diverse funding products and services from a single source provider built by the bereavement sector to serve the bereavement sector.

Enhanced Returns to Assist in the Maintenance and Care of Your Cemetery

We know that a strong Care and Maintenance program is important to your cemetery. Our portfolio consistently outperforms offers from other financial institutions in Canada. We invest funds in guaranteed investments with eligible depositaries.

Hassle-free Administration and Reporting

GFD is an industry leader in accurate reporting. Our monthly reports are made available to you online and all reports are archived for up to 12 months. As a Member of GFD, you will have secure online access to forms, statements, online training, and more.

First-rate Member Support

Our team of Business Development Officers in the field are able to help you with professional support and product training. GFD’s Member Care Team is also available to answer your questions & provide assistance by phone or email.


More Information on the GFD - FOYSTON Care & Maintenance Income Fund

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